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  • Street workout park - Parkour park
  • Street workout park
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  • Street workout park - Parkour park
  • Street workout
  • Parkour park
  • Street workout park
  • Parkour park

FlowparksDesigner and producer of
street workout and parkour parks

FlowParks is a part of the Techramps Group, which is creating sports facilities of XXI century for over 16 years. Meantime we have built over 1000 sports infrastructure facilities such as flowparks, pumptracks, skateparks, wakeparks, waveparks, snowparks etc. 

Flowpark - what is it

What is the Flowpark?

FlowParks are the objects, which give possibility to spend free time in active and safe, but unconventional way. FlowParks provides having various type of training, where everyone can find something for themselves - from the beginners, to advanced. 

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our values background

Our values

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High quality of our work, timeliness and specialistic knowledge, define our professionalism.

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We are comitted and proud of the results of our work.

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Breaking the barriers and unusual solutions move us forward.

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We are part of the Techramps Group which specialize in creating Sports Facilities of XXI centurys such as skateparks, pumptracks, wakeparks, waveparks, snowparks.

Our Products

Solid, functional constructions designed by both experienced engineers and regular users.


Our Products Street Workout

FlowParks for street workouts are certified by TUV Rheinland. Special "Standard" facilities, intended where there are no terrain restrictions, and Line, designed for long and narrow squares. Sizes from XS to XXXL allow you to adjust to your budget.

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Sport facilities Parkour

FlowParks for parkour enable safe training for beginners, and for more advanced ones they create conditions that cannot be encountered in urban spaces. It is also an excellent place to prepare for obstacle runs - OCR, and combined with the FlowPark for street training, it creates an extraordinary space for the development of your own body.

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FlowParks - Parkour

Larix Technology

It is a new technology constructed by FlowParks by combining a stable steel structure and a wooden finish. They fit perfectly in green areas, parks, lakes and at buildings constructed according to new trends, where a combination of wood and other materials is used.

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Sport facilities Mobile

Mobile FlowPark is an ideal solution where foundations cannot be made - a gymnasium, gym, underground garage roof. The mobile structure will also find its application at workshops, shows and fairs.

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FlowParks - mobile park

Flowparks users are our Designers

We design and create with experienced engineers and people, which are regular users. Thanks to that we have knowledge and background allowing us to preparing parks accurate for safe and functional training.

Our realizations

During the years of our activity we have made over 200 Flowparks. You can find our realizations in Poland and abroad. 

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I had opportunity to travel a lot all around the world, I have seen many constructions for parkour or street workout, and I can say without shame, that FlowParks is one of the best in the world if it comes to quality. Our cooperation began in 2016. I can’t tell anything bad about people which are working there, they are supporting me, my passion, my trips. They are just good people. If anyone would ask me about company which is manufacturing parkour parks and street workout parks, or just people who have passion, definetely my first answer would be FlowParks.”

Krystian Kowalewski Top polish freerunner

„First contact with FlowPark I had in Nidzica, where my mates were building first FlowPark for street workout in this city. Spot came out as a first class. Despite it was almost 5 years ago, construction is still well kept, stable and strong. I am training parkour, so every construction that I am jumping on has to have +1000 for being strong. FlowParks are just like that. In 2016 I have visited another FlowPark, in Norway. Without any doubts it was the best park that I have ever been to. Each of them is a result of a really good work.

Krystian Kowalewski Top polish freerunner

Design with us your Flowpark

We are open to prepare concept in accordance to the investors or initiatiors requirements. Making individual concepts is our attribute which stands out our company.

We create unusual concepts which sometimes go beyond frames of street workout and parkour. Creativity, searching for new materials, shapes and styles and also open-mind attitute. Extraordinary facilities demand exceptional projects, so if your trampoline park needs "ninja warrior" obstacle course, gym - street workout zone or resort - health path fitting into the landscape, contact us. 

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