Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the news to us. We hope that this will help dispel some doubts. Remember that you can always count on help from our side. Writing to us at, we will answer the most bothering questions.

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In order to build a park in your city you have to raise funds for its construction. This can be achieved under different budgets. Particular attention should be paid to the Civic Budget and the Local Initiative, but money can be obtained from residents’ cooperatives, banks and other institutions.

Before applying for a grant, you must have a design of the park and its cost estimate. Write to us and we will do this part of the work for you. You can customize the configuration of the park according to the needs of your group. We will also adjust to the shape of the project site.

If you already have a design and project cost estimate, then you are ready to submit an application and try to obtain funds for the construction of the park.

The park construction project should include, first of all, its cost estimate. We will help you choose the right configuration depending on your budget, the number of residents in your town and the available project area. Your project should include rendered images showing the configuration of the park and its specification.

The project may additionally include visualizations of the park and a product sheet.

There are several ways to acquire money for your project.

The most common way is to obtain funds from the Civic Budget and Local Initiative.

There are also other, less popular opportunities, such as banking, provincial, district and other projects. Write to us and we will help you find all the available options. Together we will choose the one that is best for you.

It’s always worth trying to apply for several budgets to increase your chances of success. It all depends on the amount of time we can devote to coordinating the projects.

In most projects you don’t have to have any money of your own. All you need is your free time and a little determination.

With Local Initiatives, an own contribution must be specified in the project. This can be money, but social work can also be offered. Open trainings for residents, digging a trench for the park are the activities that are most frequently declared as own contribution.

The period from submitting the project to its implementation is usually one year. It all depends on the budget within which you are going to submit the project, on the will and efficiency of the officials, and even on the weather

The construction of the park from the moment of starting the production of equipment is from a few to ten-odd weeks.

If you want us to build a park, it is mainly up to you. You have to convince the respective officials that the construction of a park is not a simple matter, although it seems to be so. If a tender is organized for the construction of the park, our chances of winning are poor. Unfortunately, what counts in tenders is not quality, but only low price. This is completely inconsistent with our company policy. Quality is something that distinguishes us from the competition and even puts us at the very top of the Polish market.

Write to us and together we will devise a strategy.

Unfortunately, there is no effective cure for these irregularities. However, involvement of the applicant and controlling the work of officials can play a significant role in the quality of the park.


Yes, we can do any configuration taking into account the profile of the land and your budget. The only limitation is the safety standards that we must comply with.

Our designs and modifications are public and free of charge. The only exception are large projects that require a lot of time, but these do not happen in public projects.

Our assistance in writing projects is free of charge. A word of thanks will be enough :).

Depending on the size of the project, the municipality, officials and several other variables, the time to be spent by the applicant on the project – from writing down to implementation – is from several to several dozen hours. Usually it is up to 20 hours per year.

We strive to do the most of the work ourselves.

There is no best surface. Each has its own pros and cons.

Sand – cheap, safer when falling, gets into your shoes and eyes.

Gravel – cheap, less safety when falling, but doesn’t get into your shoes as much. Grain thickness is 2 – 8 mm.

Artificial grass – a medium-cost solution, poor safety, suitable for parkour due to the possibility of good jumping; you can stand on it on your hands, make push-ups in full comfort.

Perforated rubber mats – we strongly advise against this solution, although sometimes we apply it because of the requirements of officials. It happens that after rainfall, the surface of perforated mats curves due to soil movements which we are not able to predict. Uncomfortable for standing on hands or push-ups. Enables good jumping. Medium budget.

Natural bark – feasible with medium budget. A natural, environmentally friendly surface. Uncomfortable for standing on hands or making push-ups; stains.

EPDM panels – synthetic, rubber polyurethane surface. The best and most expensive solution at the same time. It can be made of panels (usually 50×50 cm in size) or cast (seamless surface).

It is comfortable to use, allows for good jumping, allows to stand on your hands and make push-ups in cleanliness and comfort.

The only disadvantage is the slippage of shoes after rainfall and, of course, the price.

Contact us directly to find out the prices for the construction of a park in your city.

The standard warranty is 3 years. If the customer requires more, we adapt to the requirements.

If you do not know which park to choose, write to us and rely on our experience. We will talk about your and your group’s needs. Together we will choose the best possible solution.

The size of the required area depends on the size of the park. For most equipment, a minimum of 1.5 m of surface around each equipment should be used. For a rope and pole dance pipe this space will be larger due to the height of those elements. For our smallest set – Standard XS – we need 5.6 x 5.0[m].

A park can be built on the city grounds with the authorities’ consent. It is possible to try to build a park on the premises of schools and cooperatives, but this requires the consent of the directors of these institutions.

The terrain should be relatively even, cannot be marshy. More factors will have to be considered by us on an individual basis.

Local Initiative is a form of cooperation between the self-government units and citizens in order to carry out public tasks according to the needs of residents. Not every town or village has a Local Initiative, but according to national law, residents of every municipality can apply for such projects, and officials are obligated to consider them. Projects are submitted once a year, and the money allocated for them is the remaining unspent city funds in a given year. The projects to be implemented are selected by a special committee.

Civic Budget is the most popular way to obtain funds for the construction of a park. In many cities, applications can even be submitted online. Here we only need a project description and a cost estimate. The projects to be implemented are selected by the residents during the annual voting.