Street Workout Park - Dobrzeń Wielki

In the town of Dobrzeń Wielki near Poland, a fairly large SW Park of our design and implementation was created. The facility contains everything that Street Workout enthusiasts, as well as Parkour enthusiasts, need to be happy - bars, ladders, a bench, as well as hanging elements - a rope and gymnastic rings. The whole was placed in a public space in the vicinity of an outdoor gym and other small architecture buildings. Literally seconds after the completion of the assembly work, the square was taken over by the youngest users.

Safety zone


(400 m2)
HIC max

2 m

Number of users max

15 people

Maximum user weight

120 kg

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I had opportunity to travel a lot all around the world, I have seen many constructions for parkour or street workout, and I can say without shame, that FlowParks is one of the best in the world if it comes to quality. Our cooperation began in 2016. I can’t tell anything bad about people which are working there, they are supporting me, my passion, my trips. They are just good people. If anyone would ask me about company which is manufacturing parkour parks and street workout parks, or just people who have passion, definetely my first answer would be FlowParks.”

Krystian Kowalewski Top polish freerunner

„First contact with FlowPark I had in Nidzica, where my mates were building first FlowPark for street workout in this city. Spot came out as a first class. Despite it was almost 5 years ago, construction is still well kept, stable and strong. I am training parkour, so every construction that I am jumping on has to have +1000 for being strong. FlowParks are just like that. In 2016 I have visited another FlowPark, in Norway. Without any doubts it was the best park that I have ever been to. Each of them is a result of a really good work.

Krystian Kowalewski Top polish freerunner

Our realizations

During the years of our activity we have made over 200 Flowparks. You can find our realizations in Poland and abroad.