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The Your project tab shows the stages of work on your individual project, created by our team, step by step - from the moment of submitting the inquiry to receiving the final concept with the offer. As a FlowParks company, we make effort to adapt individual elements to your individual requirements and preferences. If you are interested in the concept of a sports facility, tailored to the budget, located in the available area and containing specific elements - please contact us via the form below



We provide projects in different technologies. Larix, stainless steel or FlowPark for parkour with concrete elements, are just few of them. Tell us about your expectations, and we will do our best to meet them. 



First prepared concept does not need to be the last one. We are open to talk about the project and implement modifications in accordance to the customers needs. 


Diversified offer

We offer wide range of designed facilities. We make projects of Flowparks for street workout, parkour and indivudal concepts e.g. obstacle courses. 

Get known with process of designing

your individual concept


Show us your expectations of Flowpark project. Data about area, potential budget and pointining prefered technology would be very helpful. 


We will contact you, to confirm receiving inquiry. If we have any questions or doubts, it is appropriate moment for clarification before start designing process. 


Our Sales & Marketing department forward neccessary data to our designer before start working on concept. Depends of advance level of the facility, preparing the project might take from 1 to 3 days. After finishing the design, we prepare estimation costs. 

Analysis of the received materials

We send to the customer prepared concept with offer, then we discuss about received materials. If the project and estimation are not satysfying, after consultations, we move back to the Step 3. 

Acceptance of the concept

In the moment of customer acceptance of prepared Flowpark and the offer, we finish designing process of the indivudal concept. 

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